7 best cardio sports

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You want to lose weight on your thighs ? Or handles loves ? Or a specific place in your body?
Sorry but there are no sports to lose weight in a specific part, you will lose weight in general, it is obligatory to make one of these sports to lose weight healthily, exercises that I propose in my videos, tones , firm ,muscles, burned fat too (not as much as cardio) and especially push your metabolism to be slower and therefore less stored fat ….. Do not forget that your diet is 50% important in your challenge :)


Skipping rope

725 calories are burned per hour of practice. 10 to 15 minutes of jumping rope 4 times a week is a good amount of training. Jumping rope helps tone muscles quickly at home without taking volume.


Jogging or elliptical

500-1000 calories are burned per hour of jogging or elliptical. 45 minutes 2 times a week is a good maintenance program. Jogging is good for all, but with caution in patients with cardiovascular disorders, outdoors or at home on a treadmill or an elliptical



625 calories are burned per hour rowing. We can start with 50 minutes 2 times a week. Rower strengthens almost every muscle and to associate bodybuilding cardiovascular endurance and home



400 calories are burned per hour of aerobics. It can be 45 minutes 2 times per week. Water aerobics is recommended for those who suffer from circulatory disorders, cellulitis or rheumatism



Fitness can burn 500 calories per hour. 45 minutes 2 times a week it possible to obtain good results in tone and fitness level. Fitness is most often sport music, such as for bodypump or zumba



300 calories per hour are burned by walking at a good pace for an hour. To maintain general health must walk 20 minutes a day. Walking and nordic walking gradually accustom the heart to stress before undertaking a running plane alternating walking and running



With the bike are that burn 600 calories per hour. Can ride 90 minutes 2 times a week or 20 minutes per day. Cycling stimulates blood circulation and tackles cellulite thighs

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  • Tina

    Hi..its tina
    i m just crazy for u ..n your exercise.
    i really need sumthin to do.
    is jumba or walking is gud .
    i cant wake up@ early 6.
    plz plz help me out.
    m from india.
    a married woman wid 5th month old baby boy.
    my weight is 82.
    Height 5.1
    Hypo thyroid i have.
    Pure veg.
    plz recomded my chart or execise..
    I hope u understand my prob
    take sum time for me n read this n guide me too
    love lodss

  • Madeleine

    I walk everyday and I always walk for at least 20 minutes before i start my workout. That makes me really warm-up and the workout gets much easier for me!

  • gemma

    Hi im in the UK and im wondering if i was to order your ebook do you no what the equivalent is for the cost in the UK instead of €

    Thank you

  • dems

    hello can i just focus on abs arms thighs and calves. i feel i have a lot of fat around these areas..
    please help.. can i do the body challenge part 1 to 7 all together of can i do part 1 on monday and go on with part2 and so on and part 7 on sunday..
    my calves and thighs are big, i want it to be lean … i dont want bulky muscles

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