My body story, workout and photos transformations

Hi everybody,
Here are some pictures from my body transformation in all it took me 6 months to get all the results.


What were your exercises ?

I worked out the first three months, 30 minutes a day 3 days a week, then I increase 1 hour for the next three months because I gained strength.All the exercises was based on body weights, or else with dumbbells, resistance band, chairs, I never used the machine, so I worked out at gym or at home with a coach twice a week (one who performs with me my ebook)


What was my goals ?

Have a completely firm body ,no more cellulite, no more love handles , a firm belly, flat and no more bloated tummy ,I also wish to firm my hips, I had cellulite and it was very soft, get my ass up to the maximum and have a fuller, have legs completely closes with a little muscle


What parts do I not worked ?

My arms and back but then it’s not important for me to work my back , I started to work my arms in a month and I already got some results,I want to have nice firm arms and strong


On which parts of your body did you see the first results ?

My glutes in one month he was well up but not yet bubble. Then my legs in less than three months I get rid to all cellulite on my hips too, my abs start to appear, I was losing more and faster the greasy surface and above this effect belly swell.


Have you changed your diet ?

I had to change some things like gas drinks,, I have not reduced the consistency of my meals but I change their compositions without either restrain myself from everything, and yes it was nice to be naturally thin , but cellulite, belly bloated do not prevent them


Every week I saw a new progress on my body.
Finally I was able to put myself in a bikini and tell me I’m comfortable in my skin, I am proud of myself. I wish you from all my heart.

I never took protein, fat burners, vitamines or anything during my fitness life.

I can not wait to introduce my Ebook mid-November, it is destined to the beginner and intermediate peoples, I look forward to seeing your results


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